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About Me

I am Michele Pulver Feldman.
I am  a mixed media artist who loves color and is not afraid to use it!

I am a Parsons School of Design graduate, who believes in “serendipitous creativity”. Since the beginning of my career, my  work  has never been tied to a specific artistic style. Instead, I use varied media to create my art.  I create artwork that not only expresses my  love of art history but also celebrates  and reflects modern Jewish and everyday  life.  Inspired by Matisse, Picasso, Monet, Tiffany and Hockney, the pieces I create  are often unexpected and whimsical.  


My vivid hand painted mixed media art has been used in a wide range of applications including home furnishings, giftware and  paper goods.

I enjoy living in colorful Southern New England with my family and my dog, who is my studio companion and  who reminds me everyday, to go out and the smell flowers, or the snow, depending on the season.


I sell, license and work on commissioned pieces. 
Click on the link below to contact me!


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