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FAQs about our Community (Jewish New  Year) Cards
Q: How is this fund raiser different from others in the past?
A: Instead of selling cards to individual families, this is just one card. The synagogue (purchases the card from us) gives all the members of the community the opportunity to have their name listed in the card. Most organizations charge $18.00 -$ 36.00 for the listing. Naturally, the higher the price paid for the listing, the more money an organization will make.  Click here for a sample flyer from 2018:
Q: If my synagogue joins the program, are there  any costs involved to join?
A: No. This is a NO Risk fund raising program. This means that your synagogue is only obligated to pay for the order that your synagogue places. Payment terms  are net 30.

Q: How much do the cards cost?
A:  The cards cost $1.40/each regardless of the quantity. Price includes all set up (including logos) proofs and card printing and blank white envelopes.
If you Reserve Your Card before 7.24.20 we will PRINT YOUR RETURN ADDRESS FOR FREE ON YOUR ENVELOPE FLAPS.

If you decide to join our TRIFECTA Program (click for details), the price per card drops to $1.25 each
Q: How many names fit on a card?
A: Using 8 pt type, we can fit about 80 names on a vertical card, and about 90 names on a horizontal. For a small additional fee, we can also add 
additional names on an insert. Please see enclosed sample card.
Q: If we have 50 names or less, can we use larger type?
A: Absolutely!
Q: What does it mean to Reserve a Card? Are we obligated to pay for that card, if our Fund Raiser isn’t successful?
A: We get very busy in August, so in order to fit your order into our printing schedule, and provide  you with fast delivery, we need to know your order is coming. Reserving a card will get you into our system. Once we receive your reservation, we will email you a confirmation, that we are holding that card, in your requested qty for your synagogue. If for some reason, this fund raiser doesn’t generate any interest for your synagogue, you can cancel your reservation, without any obligation before the deadline of
August 20, 2020. 
Q: Are there any Deadlines? 
A: 1.Yes. All orders MUST BE IN BY August 20, 2020;
to allow time to proof, print and ship the cards to you, and you will have enough time  to mail the cards to members of your community BEFORE Rosh Hashanah on 9.18.20
2. If you RESERVE a card before 6.08.20, you will be entitled to
FREE Return address imprint. 
Q: Can we do this for another holiday? 

A: Absolutely! 

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See info about TRIFECTA Program prices
Contact us:

Q: Do you print Donation/tribute cards?

A: Absolutely!
Click to see our wide selection and Pricing


Q: More questions? Please feel free to contact us!

A: PH: 203-322-4277 ~ email:


Click this link for an overview of the program

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